Thursday, May 23, 2013

Year-end Kindergarten Celebration

The kindergarten classes had a fantastic year-end celebration yesterday! The fun started with a 45 minute outdoor concert by local musicians, Brian and Terri Kinder.  (Mr. Brian is actually my neighbor's uncle--small world!)  Their songs were all really creative and kept the kids involved and entertained!  

Good friends:  Jessica, Chloe & Alexee
The giant globe song was a crowd favorite!
Following the concert, the class enjoyed a picnic on the basketball court, popsicles and an awards ceremony.  Each student received an award highlighting something fun about his/her personality.  It made me think about how much time Mrs. D has had with these kids, and how she has gotten to know them so well.  She has been such a wonderful teacher--we've been very blessed!
So proud of this soon-to-be 1st Grader!  It's been great to see her make new friends, learn to read, gain confidence in speaking in front of her class, etc.  She has grown in so many ways this year.  We're thankful for this wonderful school and the amazing teachers and staff!!